Spiritual Poem

Spiritual Poem

Little rose growing in the sidewalk

Marvelous wondrous beauty
Transplanted to deeper soil

Choked out by to much sun
I will over shadow you
You won’t be burned up
You won’t be consumed
You won’t be forgotten

Little rose in deeper soil
Leaves lifted up in thanks
I am not forgotten
I am not consumed
I am not burned up
Worthy are You who covers me

You are not far off
You are closer than the clouds
You are my shelter
You are my Healer
You are all I need
Mexican Taco Salad

Mexican Taco Salad

When I was a little girl, and probably today if I’m honest, its popular for stay at home moms to pursue pyramid schemes. I don’t say that with the heckling that people usually associate pyramid schemes with. What I’m saying is they try to make a little money at home torturing their friends with “parties” that are not “parties.”  I’ve been to makeup parties, jewelry parties, and cookware parties and to be honest, literally the only thing I liked about all of these various parties was the food.

Yes, like Jacqueline from Ever After (1998 ) says, “I’m only here for the food.”

All of these years I have been craving one thing, the Seven-Layer South Western Salad.

Just look at that recipe, isn’t it beautiful sounding? Well I re-made it in June, and it turned out to be a big hit.  SO this salad became our Tuesday meal since it was too hot to cook anything, I was always running our of tortilla chips, and really, what’s not to like? The only thing is we use black beans, not red or kidney beans.
Guest Post! Jess’ Zucchini Boats Recipe 

Guest Post! Jess’ Zucchini Boats Recipe 

My friend Jess and I met in college (go Owls!) at our mutual friend Christine’s Bible study. Since then she’s moved up north to Rhode Island where she is raising 3 boy and 1 girl all with various allergy concerns. She also writes for Providence City Mom’s Blog & has her own blog! Here is her favorite recipe!grilled-vegetables-2172704_1920.jpg

Summer is coming and ya’ll, I am so excited. Not only does that mean that I can put away our bulky New England cold weather sweaters and boots, but it also means I come up with any and every excuse to cook light and eat a ton of seasonal veggies. As wonderful as this sounds, “eating light” is not entirely practical for my family.

I am the mother of 4 kids and wife to an amazing (but hungry) husband. These people can EAT. So my plans for light quinoa salads for dinner, while I think are wonderful, are actually terrible for my growing kiddos. Not terrible in conception, but terrible in the sense that they would each eat an entire box of quinoa before becoming full and I would spend about $543 a week on food.

We have found a happy medium though, between my want for “summery light food” and my family’s need to feel “full” after dinner. I came across this recipe years ago, and it remains the ONLY recipe my husband requests over and over. It remains the recipe that he suggests I cook if we are having a new family over for dinner because, and I quote “…this is the best thing you make, babe.”

So, here it is. I usually substitute the chicken sausage with mild Italian sausage and lighten up the red pepper flakes for my spice sensitive kiddos. It’s so good with the pepper though, that I wouldn’t skip it if I could get away with it. Oh, and if you want everything to taste even more like summer, grill the boats. You’re welcome.

I hope this recipe is your happy medium too, as it is ours. Light, but filling, using seasonal veggies and delicious. Happy eating!



So I’m back! Most of June and all of July I went on Hiatus.  I looked for job opportunities, I waiting in line at government buildings, I had that excruciating temp job.  On the plus side, they made me supervisor over all of the other temps and an intern (can we tell teenagers not to use a whole bottle of AXE in the mornings? That is a surefire way of killing a pregnant woman’s nose).  And you know what? I learned a couple of things about myself.  And not all of these things are pretty. And not all of these things are ugly. They are just things I’ve learned.

1.  I’m prideful. But people will tell me I’m just ambitious.

2.  I’m vain.  But people will tell me I deserve to be because I am pregnant.

3.  I miss being home all day, I miss being with my daughter, cooking elaborate meals, writing novels that won’t be published for decades, and having my house in order in the way that I want.

So I’m glad to be at home again.  I’m glad to have my attention on my daughter all day.  I’m happy to have my 2.5 hrs of creative space for my self while she is napping, and I’m glad that this second pregnancy is almost over.

Over the next four months, I’m going to be writing new blog content on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

Hope you enjoy! Follow or subscribe to my blog. ❤

Blog vacation

Blog vacation

I’m taking a blog vacation here, though I’ll be posting about summertimme over at Palm Beach City Moms Blog if you want to keep in touch. 

Things I’m listening to on my writing vacation:

  • Havilah Cunnington
  • Lisa Bevere 
  • Priscilla Shirer

I’m reading through the New Testament, re-reading L.M. Montgomery’s books, and looking for ways to be involved in my local community. 

I’ll be back in August with recipes, fashion fun and daily observations.

Biggest Traffic Pet Peeve

Biggest Traffic Pet Peeve

8:21. We are all sitting here because some selfish SOBs decided to use the shoulder to get ahead of all this traffic and now the emergency vehicles that need to get through can’t get through. This is seriously one of my most serious pet peeves. The shoulder is not for just anybody the shoulder is for broken down cars and emergency vehicles not your selfish ass. 

Do you realize that when all 7 pf you shouldet-drivers reach the site of the accident, you’ve jist slowed down professional help that much more? Don’t be a jerk. Stay off the shoulder. 

The beauty of Sundays

The beauty of Sundays

It is somewhat of a tradition in my family to spend 1 1/2 hrs in church then come home to a big family dinner. Usually I cook up something Cuban on Sundays and my parents bring over dessert. After a big meal full of uplifting conversations, and lots of laughs, nap time settles over the house. The baby is put down for a nap, a sofa is secured for one person, the guest bed for another, the sectional for a third. Someone is always left roaming the house like a wandering Aramean and I say, “why don’t you go take a nap in my room.” To which the person responds, “But don’t ypu want to sleep there?” And I reply, “No child I’ve got ro clean up my kitchen.”

Once everthong is clean, and there are snores heard all over the house, I pick up my kindle, sit in my rocking chair andread a good book. 

When the hours for siesta are through, the whole family gathers in the living room for a movie, or a marathon of some show someone has gotten us into. It is very nearly perfect.

The only blight on the whole day is that a few relations are not near enough to join in the fun.