Biggest Traffic Pet Peeve

Biggest Traffic Pet Peeve

8:21. We are all sitting here because some selfish SOBs decided to use the shoulder to get ahead of all this traffic and now the emergency vehicles that need to get through can’t get through. This is seriously one of my most serious pet peeves. The shoulder is not for just anybody the shoulder is for broken down cars and emergency vehicles not your selfish ass. 

Do you realize that when all 7 pf you shouldet-drivers reach the site of the accident, you’ve jist slowed down professional help that much more? Don’t be a jerk. Stay off the shoulder. 

The beauty of Sundays

The beauty of Sundays

It is somewhat of a tradition in my family to spend 1 1/2 hrs in church then come home to a big family dinner. Usually I cook up something Cuban on Sundays and my parents bring over dessert. After a big meal full of uplifting conversations, and lots of laughs, nap time settles over the house. The baby is put down for a nap, a sofa is secured for one person, the guest bed for another, the sectional for a third. Someone is always left roaming the house like a wandering Aramean and I say, “why don’t you go take a nap in my room.” To which the person responds, “But don’t ypu want to sleep there?” And I reply, “No child I’ve got ro clean up my kitchen.”

Once everthong is clean, and there are snores heard all over the house, I pick up my kindle, sit in my rocking chair andread a good book. 

When the hours for siesta are through, the whole family gathers in the living room for a movie, or a marathon of some show someone has gotten us into. It is very nearly perfect.

The only blight on the whole day is that a few relations are not near enough to join in the fun. 

Florida Summers

Florida Summers

Oh Florida summers.

It is a well established fact that those of us who live east of I-95 get less rain than those who live west of it. Yet these past few days we’ve all been sitting under it.

Summer is my least favorite time of the year. I’m getting through it with Wally’s morning radio show on 88.1 and Brandy’s version of the musical Cinderella.

How are you getting through rainy days?

Babies and fancy foods

Babies and fancy foods

This is a picture of my daughter at 13mo eating a Petit Four. She is such a dainty little girl.  I’m not being sexist, really, she doesn’t care for the beach, dirt or rough housing with her friend Matthew.  She prefers looking over her dolls, reading her picture books, and eating, preferably with a spoon.  On Mother’s Day weekend my mom and I picked up some Petit Fours and chocolate covered strawberries from our local Publix and presented them to my daughter. She loved the Petit Four.  I’m thinking her next birthday might be a tea party… Is it too far in the future for me to plan? 

My sisters are amazing ministers

My sisters are amazing ministers

So Sunday we tried out a new church.

Its a church of 200 people which is quite a change from the 20,000 peopled church my husband and I have been attending for the last 5 yrs. The worship was lively, the people were friendly, and they are having a baby boom (potential mommy friends?)

Any way after service my younger sister, B, met with the Music Pastor and told him that she’s living with me for the summer & she plays many different instruments (she is studying to be a music minister), what musician does he need. He replied and yesterday she went to practice with the worship team. She is playing in church on Sunday.

My other sister, Aggie, just graduated magna cume laude with a degree in Theology – Biblical Studies. She sat for her credentialing exam and is now an official Pastor in the Assemblies of God church. She is working 2 days a week at a church and also at a hotel as a manager. She plans on continuing her education all the way up to the PhD level.

I am so proud of them! Yet I’ve heard and even seen that in some churches in different traditions women are not allowed to be pastors. This saddens me. Many cite the Fall of Man as the reason why and I just don’t agree! The Bible has so many examples of women in leadership! Deborah, Esther, Lydia, just to name a few. Not only this, but by the orgizational limiting of women in those churches that do, they are cutting off many other women from hearing and believing the gospel. I know of women who are turned off from church life because in their family’s church tradition women are limited to membership in the choir, cooking and perhap Sunday school of those under 4 yrs.

My faith tradition allows women to be co-pastors. Many of the churches I’ve been members of have a male pastor and his wife as copastor of the church. They are the example of a partnership. I love this and I believe it furthers the message of the gospel which is God loves all of us and has a good purpose for each of us (See Galatians 3:28). 

Curious? Check this out for a more scholarly discussion of the role of women in my faith tradition.

My Stitch Fix Arrived! 

My Stitch Fix Arrived! 

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up for my first fix, and I was annoying my family every day until it came. 

Well it came today!

My daughter and I sat on my bed and looked in the box.

I instantly loved the bracelet! At first I was like ooo a blue shirt? Let’s try this:

Cute top right? It was $15 more than I wanted to spend though.

How cute is this lace top? Made in USA.

I love lace. Love! So first purchase!

Also note the shorts, so cute right? Except I don’t think I’ve ever bought shorts, usually I just cut up last season’s Old Navy jeans, so back they go! 

How cute was this maternity dress? Done!

So summary: I bought 1 lace shirt and 1 pink dress, I almost bought the bacelet but last minute I remembered I had to buy my cousin a wedding gift, so I didn’t. I would have bought everything in the box but the median price point was $60…I’m used to spending $20 per item. The total box was $191.50 — after the discount. So I bought the 2 I really truly loved. I also signed up for my next fix, but I’m not rich so it will be here 3 months from now. Yes! You can order Stitch Fix to be quarterly.