Stitch fix Christmas edition

Stitch fix Christmas edition

So I jave been feeling sick and the perfect pick me up came on the mail! 

Unfortunately for me, everything os going back because none of it is breastfeeding-friendly. 

But this was my favorite from the box:

My review of “Deadly Proof”

My review of “Deadly Proof”

So Bethany House Publishers sent me this book, “Deadly Proof” by Rachel Dylan in exchange for my honest review.  They sent it to me at the end of September, and since I gave birth to my son last week (2 weeks earlier than expected!), I’m about a week late in posting my review, however here’s my thoughts on the novel:

Deadly Proof is a Big Pharma suspense novel likened in tone to John Grisham.  There are some similarities with Camy Tang’s suspense novels, if you like her (I do) and even a dash of romance for those of us who like our detective type stories with a spoonful of sugar.

The main character Kate Sullivan is a middle aged lawyer in Atlanta who is lead council for a Big Pharma case.  When people start dropping dead around her, she wises up to the fact that this case may not be so easy, it might be a situation where prayer is needed just to survive the day! Together with private investigator Landon James, they uncover the messy world of Big Pharma and justice prevails.


What I liked: I liked how Kate wasn’t some young ingénue. So many times in novels the main character is 1 year out of law school but for whatever reason is up for a position that it would have realistically cost years of her life to attain.  Call me a realist, but I like that Kate has some years on her. I also liked how she and Landon worked together. It felt organic, and not forced.  I additionally loved how the novel made me see Atlanta.  The setting was definitely a character in the book, and now I’m curious enough about the city to want to go there.

What I didn’t like: The only thing that drove me nearly to distraction was how in every scene Landon was in we the reader were reminded how he was an Army Ranger.  That is awesome, and I would thank him for his service if he was real, however I felt like the author was using his military background as a lazy way of saying why he was so good at tracking people down or doing all sorts of other things that he does in the novel.  I felt like the author could have mentioned this a few times and then left it up to the reader.  I felt like every time Landon was introduced captioned under his name ought to be the phrase “a man with a very special set of skills.”

Summary:  I really enjoyed reading this book.  I read it during my kid’s nap time, and I will be looking out for the next book in the Atlanta Justice series. Thank you Bethany House for my copy!




Visions of harvest

Visions of harvest

So I was at community group this past weekend and while we were praying I had a vision of the harvest. Before you get excited, contrary to what I’ve always been taught, I saw all of us there as the harvest, not the workers, but us as sheaves of wheat, hands lifted high in surrender. At first it was just a pile but then my vision panned out and I saw thousands in worship. 
How beautiful was that?

My To be Read Shelf

My To be Read Shelf

The Clockwork Dynasty Daniel H. Wilson
The Stone Sky (Broken Earth Series #3) N. K. Jemisin
The Deerslayer James Fenimore Cooper
The Last of the Mohicans James Fenimore Cooper
Captains Courageous Rudyard Kipling
Flatland: A romance of many dimensions Edwin A Abbott
Watership Down Richard Adams
Leap of Faith Queen Noor Al-Hussein
Thunder Bonnie S. Calhoun
Season of Wonder Lisa Tawn Begren
Captives Jill Williamson
Anomaly Krista, McGee
A Time to Die Nadine Brandes
When Mischief Came to Town Katrina Nannestad
Wearing God Lauren F Winner
The Finishing School Valerie Woerner
The Adoration of Jenna Fox Mary E Pearson
The Kiss of Deception Mary E Pearson
The Patriarchs Beth Moore
Four Sisters, All Queens Sherry Jones
Books to read during pregnancy

Books to read during pregnancy

So when I was pregnant with my daughter, everyone warned me that the third trimester was the longest.  Now you know, the trimesters were invented by obstetricians to determine at which point a baby should survive outside of the womb. Now that I am pregnant again, I have been told the same.

Last time I was pregnant I decided to read “Gone with the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell and while I loved the novel, I hated the movie.  Mostly because the man who plans Rhett looks like my Cuban grandfather. And I was team Scarlet-Rhett. Oh well.

This time around I am trying to select one of a few novels to read  this last trimester.  Help me decide:

1. War and Peace.  I have heard that TV1 in England produced a masterful retelling of this novel, however I have not seen it.  I want to read this novel, however I am a little intimidated of the Russian writers.  Their novels are so incredibly massive. Although I did enjoy Anna Karenina, so maybe I should revisit the Russians?

2. Our Mutual Friend.  I’ve read most of Charles Dicken’s other novels, but for some reason I’ve never read this one.

3. Crime & Punishment. Ah, another Russian novel.

What do you think?