Blog vacation

Blog vacation

I’m taking a blog vacation here, though I’ll be posting about summertimme over at Palm Beach City Moms Blog if you want to keep in touch. 

Things I’m listening to on my writing vacation:

  • Havilah Cunnington
  • Lisa Bevere 
  • Priscilla Shirer

I’m reading through the New Testament, re-reading L.M. Montgomery’s books, and looking for ways to be involved in my local community. 

I’ll be back in August with recipes, fashion fun and daily observations.

Biggest Traffic Pet Peeve

Biggest Traffic Pet Peeve

8:21. We are all sitting here because some selfish SOBs decided to use the shoulder to get ahead of all this traffic and now the emergency vehicles that need to get through can’t get through. This is seriously one of my most serious pet peeves. The shoulder is not for just anybody the shoulder is for broken down cars and emergency vehicles not your selfish ass. 

Do you realize that when all 7 pf you shouldet-drivers reach the site of the accident, you’ve jist slowed down professional help that much more? Don’t be a jerk. Stay off the shoulder. 

My Every Day Life: Summer Edition

My Every Day Life: Summer Edition

Life starts very early in the Meta household.  My husband’s alarm clock doesn’t go off until 6:30am, however I’m up usually by 5:45am.  Thank you TriRail. After preparing breakfast for my daughter and my husband, I cook up something for my self. About the time I have everything cooked, my husband and daughter come into the kitchen.  We have a quiet little breakfast together, enjoying the early sunlight of the day, before heading our separate ways.  This summer I’ve got a summer receptionist job at a cosmetics lab, my husband’s day job is at a University, and my daughter spend the day with my parents.

After a busy day, we reunited for dinner together.  This summer my baby sister’s job is to set the table, and usually my mom has dinner on the table when my husband, my father and I come home from work.  Its been pretty awesome to sit across the table from some of my favorite people in the world, and enjoy a warm meal together. I’m used to cooking all of the meals, but you know what? Nothing beats my mother’s cooking! Can you relate?

After the dishes are cleaned up, and the baby is bathed and put to bed, the rest of us enjoy family time in the living-room.  Usually we each take turned picking out the show we’ll watch that night.  My father usually picks a detective show, my mom usually picks out a movie, my husband is all about comic book heroes, my sister loves comedies, and I love historical movies or shows.  As my husband once said, the fun thing about having house guests for the summer is that they introduce you to genres you like, but might never have tried had they not been around.

After movie time two my husband and I usually retire to our room for some  light reading etc.  While our three house guests watch just one more show, or look at properties online together.  Its an exciting, busy, simple time in our everyday life these days.

Summer Time Squad

Summer Time Squad

I have been a stay-at-home-mother for the past year, yet this summer I have chosen to stay ahead of the medical bills and get a summer job.  Though it is your basic entry-level desk job answering phones all day and being treated like you’re brain dead by one or two of the employees, I know that ultimately, this is the best financial decision for my family.  And what’s more is that my parents are visiting us for the summer, and are able to care for my daughter.  Bonding time!

It’s difficult for me to return to work, even if it is just for the summer but in the Meta household, we try to be ahead of the curve-ball.

So far, my mom has had a train-ride day with my daughter and a cooking day.  I think next up on their adventure list to visit a local park or playground.  While I am sad that I am missing out on her toddler summer, I know that ultimately, my husband and I are doing what is best for our family.

I think its what makes my family unique. Other people talk about squad goals, or teams, and to be completely honest, my team has always been my immediate family and my cousin Gladys (shout out!). My parents, sisters, cousin and now her family are my support system.  When my car battery died in the middle of a random gas station my cousin was there to jump my car.  When my brakes needed to be replace, my father and my husband replaced them. I’ve had the opportunity to be there for them also, and its nice that out of a billion people in the world, my team is my family.

Tell me, who is your Team or your Squad? Are they interchangeable?
Spinach Bake

Spinach Bake

Some call it a quiche, some call it a pudding, I’m calling this my Spinach bake.

First get a round cake pan. 

Warm the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

  1. 13 oz can of spinach
  2. 3 eggs
  3. 1 cup milk
  4. 1 shake of nutmeg
  5. 1 shake of pepper
  6. 1 pinch of salt
  7. 3oz of your favorite cheese. 
  8. Optional: 2 slices of your favorite bread.

Mix all the ingredients together.

Bake 25 min.(200 calories more or less). 


Disney in Daily Life

Disney in Daily Life

I struggle with Disney.  In 2006 I took a women’s literature class in college and ever since then I really struggle with marketing shallow love to 4-8 yr old young girls. I decorated my daughter’s room Ivy & Lamb’s version of the Princess and the Frog because I’ve always loved the story, especially the art work in the version featured on Reading Rainbow when I was a kid.  But I struggled with the idea of bringing princesses into the nursery. The Disney story is wonderful and beautiful and diverse, but I can’t help but think back to that class I had as a young adult.  What are the lessons Disney is teaching my little girl? While I like that the women are independent and headstrong at times, I hate their love matches. One thing that sticks out to me is that the recent princesses, Rapunzel, Tiana, Jasmine, Belle, they fall for men who are thieves, abusers, liars, sloths and why would I want that for my child? Why would I want to subliminally teach her that that behavior is ok, or that love will change a man.  That’s dangerous! 

The other issue I have with Disney is one of a personal/spiritual nature.  While I’m all for hard work and prayer, I don’t like to see the glorification of specifically cultic magic.  I was excited for Elena of Avalor because I’m hispanic.  I watched a total of four episode before I decided it didn’t fit with our family values. I love that they combined Mexican, Peruvian and Chilean cultures specifically to create Avalor, however I did not like the use of spirit animals/guides.  My husband was Jewish as a child and he always had a problem with Hercules (and now Moana) because it glorified false gods (not the One True God of the Judeo-Christian faiths), and Mulan because it highlighted ancestor worship. As for Elena, I just can’t get into the show because she summons the spirit fox to get help from the spirit world. Nope, I can’t go there. What do you think? I’ve heard people defend Disney for showcasing different cultures, but they don’t even get these cultures right (case in point Pocahontas). My daughter can learn about these in more authentic ways, I live in a very multicultural area where every month brings us a new cultural festival.

I think the only princesses I haven’t called out are Snow White (boring), and Cinderella (boring). Frozen isn’t a bad story, especially since it calls attention to the bad love matches I criticized earlier, although it does have the weird rock magic…And Brave is a redeeming story about mothers and daughters, although the sprites are vague and annoying plot devices. I actually don’t have a problem with The Little Mermaid other than it completely rewrites the traditional ending, but my husband points out that the girl runs away at 16 to be with a man she’s never really talked to because, hormones

What do you think? Do you need Disney? Is it “just entertainment” or do kids pick up lessons from these kind of movies?