So I’m back! Most of June and all of July I went on Hiatus.  I looked for job opportunities, I waiting in line at government buildings, I had that excruciating temp job.  On the plus side, they made me supervisor over all of the other temps and an intern (can we tell teenagers not to use a whole bottle of AXE in the mornings? That is a surefire way of killing a pregnant woman’s nose).  And you know what? I learned a couple of things about myself.  And not all of these things are pretty. And not all of these things are ugly. They are just things I’ve learned.

1.  I’m prideful. But people will tell me I’m just ambitious.

2.  I’m vain.  But people will tell me I deserve to be because I am pregnant.

3.  I miss being home all day, I miss being with my daughter, cooking elaborate meals, writing novels that won’t be published for decades, and having my house in order in the way that I want.

So I’m glad to be at home again.  I’m glad to have my attention on my daughter all day.  I’m happy to have my 2.5 hrs of creative space for my self while she is napping, and I’m glad that this second pregnancy is almost over.

Over the next four months, I’m going to be writing new blog content on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

Hope you enjoy! Follow or subscribe to my blog. ❤

One Day I’m gonna write a chick lit novel

One Day I’m gonna write a chick lit novel

Happy Friday everyone! Next week I have some guest posts prepared for you since I’m sure you want me to get back to recipes instead of talking about temp work. So today is the last day I’ll talk about my summer job…

So TODAY is day 3 at the new assignment. Textbook people are humorless, but I sincerely believe it is because they have no windows. The permanents seem to like their work, but they don’t like small talk or get-to-know you talk. 

The manager is a go-getter, by-the-book, every-jot-and-tiddle type of woman. Her underlings are a blonde all-American type and a happy Bahamian woman with great clothes. There will be 2 more temps in our stuffy office before summer is through, and I’m curious to see who will join our team.