Stitch fix Christmas edition

Stitch fix Christmas edition

So I jave been feeling sick and the perfect pick me up came on the mail! 

Unfortunately for me, everything os going back because none of it is breastfeeding-friendly. 

But this was my favorite from the box:

My Stitch Fix Arrived! 

My Stitch Fix Arrived! 

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up for my first fix, and I was annoying my family every day until it came. 

Well it came today!

My daughter and I sat on my bed and looked in the box.

I instantly loved the bracelet! At first I was like ooo a blue shirt? Let’s try this:

Cute top right? It was $15 more than I wanted to spend though.

How cute is this lace top? Made in USA.

I love lace. Love! So first purchase!

Also note the shorts, so cute right? Except I don’t think I’ve ever bought shorts, usually I just cut up last season’s Old Navy jeans, so back they go! 

How cute was this maternity dress? Done!

So summary: I bought 1 lace shirt and 1 pink dress, I almost bought the bacelet but last minute I remembered I had to buy my cousin a wedding gift, so I didn’t. I would have bought everything in the box but the median price point was $60…I’m used to spending $20 per item. The total box was $191.50 — after the discount. So I bought the 2 I really truly loved. I also signed up for my next fix, but I’m not rich so it will be here 3 months from now. Yes! You can order Stitch Fix to be quarterly.

Strange and Obscure Fashion thoughts

Strange and Obscure Fashion thoughts

Here are my top 10 most random thoughts relating to fashion:

  1. I feel skinnier when I straighten my hair.
  2. I had great skin during my 1st pregnancy.
  3. Why are pregnancy clothes so pretty on the rack but not on me? 
  4. Were swishy sweatpants always uncool or did they have their moment? 
  5. Why did I spend $200 on makeup I wear thrice a year?  
  6. If my husband goes pro this year do I have what it takes to be fashionable like Posh Spice?
  7. Do all of those speakers like Priscilla Shrier and Lisa Bevere do all of theor own shopping? They are so fashionable.
  8. I think I like the Aventura mall better than the King of Prussia mall. 
  9. When did Old Navy become a Mom store?
  10. Can I get away with blue eyeliner or does that make me look like a hooker? 
Capsule Wardrobe? 

Capsule Wardrobe? 

So I don’t really know what a capsule wardrobe is but my Tía once told me you don’t really have to go though life with more than 1 weeks worth of clothes. So here’s my closet, minus the blue jeans and white shirt I’m wearing.

Where do you fall? Do you have a big closet? 



Well once upon a time I was fascinated with sewing. When I was 11 I had a sewing class by a lovely old lady. My class was always really disrespectful to her but she was kind anyway, she never let us sew anything that made us look rediculous. Timeless fashion was her muse. One thing I’ll always remember is my parents wouldn’t let met wear flared jeans (“you’re not a hippy & you don’t understand what that movement was about”) so I wanted to make my own! Well the lovely old home economics teacher said denim was too difficult for a beginner. So I made flannel pajama shorts. Those were literally the best pajama shorts ever. It may sound gross but since I made them loose, I wore them throughout high school. 

Two years later, at a different school with a less insightful teacher, I took another home economics course. My efforts were not so successful. I wanted to make trendy form fitting capris but I made heavy, shapeless culottes! Since I paid for the fabric myself from babysitting money, I wore the pants all summer. They were dreadful. 

Now a days I’m wondering, do I remember how to read a pattern? When I was pregnant with my daughter I dusted off my Singer sewing machine. I bought cute fabric and I made pillows. So many pillows my husband is now anti-pillows (really one can never have too many, we just need a bigger bed)! 

I’d like to make some dresses for myself and my little girl, but I’m wondering, I’ve only ever made pants, do I have the skills necessary to make a few dresses?