Spiritual Poem

Spiritual Poem

Little rose growing in the sidewalk

Marvelous wondrous beauty
Transplanted to deeper soil

Choked out by to much sun
I will over shadow you
You won’t be burned up
You won’t be consumed
You won’t be forgotten

Little rose in deeper soil
Leaves lifted up in thanks
I am not forgotten
I am not consumed
I am not burned up
Worthy are You who covers me

You are not far off
You are closer than the clouds
You are my shelter
You are my Healer
You are all I need
Dream 9/11/2016 

Dream 9/11/2016 

Dream last night:So funny last night!
I dreamt we bought a house in JAX and on our way back to south Florida we were so tired we drove off into the ocean and the many children of a fisherman saved us and I was trying to tell the oldest daughter about Christ but she wanted to be on ice road truckers, not hear about Jesus. 

Also, Jason dreamt we went to dinner with his old neighbors and they were tense the whole time and on our way home we drove into the ocean and then put the car in reverse and backed into the garage of the different house we were living in. 

Then I woke up with Endless Praise (planet shakers) in my head.

Dream 10/7/2015

Dream 10/7/2015

The world was dark and smokey. The sky was illuminated so everything looked Red and black. Smokey spirits were heading for me. I realized I was wearing silver armor and I looked in my left hand and there was my sword. I didn’t see my shield at first but it was hooked on my back. I looked at them and said, “no. Jesus” what echoed, in my head was “after all to stand” fromEphesians 6. I saw that I was part of the body, that my silver soldier body connected to the others like (power rangers or transformers) but this battle we were each standing in such a way so that we felt* alone, but that was not so. The spirits tried to cling on to me, or knock me down with their wind, which blew so hard, I felt parts of my self blow away. With every blow I said not Jesus Christ is in charge here. This place belongs to Jesus, and they grew weaker. Then I thought the battle was over, but the spirits morphed into a giant, smokey and burning; I looked up and I stomped my feet; kind of hunkering down, anchoring my self in my stance. Then lightning fell on me from heaven and the light filled my body and my armor and expelled all of the darkness around me, so that the giant, and the darkness was no more. As I returned to my room, smaller spirits, taking the form of manta rays tried to cling to my ceiling but I rebuked them saying, no Jesus Christ belongs here, leave.” They blew away like leaves in the wind. 

The whole experience was like 9 minutes.