Books to read during pregnancy

Books to read during pregnancy

So when I was pregnant with my daughter, everyone warned me that the third trimester was the longest.  Now you know, the trimesters were invented by obstetricians to determine at which point a baby should survive outside of the womb. Now that I am pregnant again, I have been told the same.

Last time I was pregnant I decided to read “Gone with the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell and while I loved the novel, I hated the movie.  Mostly because the man who plans Rhett looks like my Cuban grandfather. And I was team Scarlet-Rhett. Oh well.

This time around I am trying to select one of a few novels to read  this last trimester.  Help me decide:

1. War and Peace.  I have heard that TV1 in England produced a masterful retelling of this novel, however I have not seen it.  I want to read this novel, however I am a little intimidated of the Russian writers.  Their novels are so incredibly massive. Although I did enjoy Anna Karenina, so maybe I should revisit the Russians?

2. Our Mutual Friend.  I’ve read most of Charles Dicken’s other novels, but for some reason I’ve never read this one.

3. Crime & Punishment. Ah, another Russian novel.

What do you think?


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