Raising a boy

Raising a boy

As my son gets closer to being born, I notice things in the young men around me that I find annoying or even rude. Or I see young men ill-prepared for professional life, and I wonder, “What did you spend your youth doing?”

And that leads me to video games.  I personally believe that we have a whole generation of young adults now who are completely unprepared for life. I see the latch-key kids coming home from work as 20somethings and even 30somethings and they are a generation completely shaped by media. They don’t question media, they believe it whole-hardheartedly.  When I suggest going to original sources (supreme court decisions, congressional edicts etc) they complain that they can’t read it, it doesn’t make sense, or they didn’t know that this information was available to the public. This amazes me. I was trained to read the opinions of supreme court justices, analyze that and then observe the news.  But that was an AP class, the majority of my contemporaries did not have that experience, and they are used to viewing CNN or Fox as original sources, not the town criers or Rachel Lyndes they used to be recognized as.

All that to say, there are 10 things I’ve decided I want to teach my son:

1. How to read, at an advanced reading level

2. Manners for every situation
3. How to great a boss, interview, address colleagues,
4. How to greet a woman
5. What the best exercise for his own style of fitness is
6. How to read a court decision
7. How to write a business letter, a correspondence letter and a newsletter
8. How to cook 7 meals
9. How to wash dishes and clothes properly
10. Cut, Color & Clarity for a ring.
What things do you want your son to know before he graduates college?

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