Guest Post! Jess’ Zucchini Boats Recipe 

Guest Post! Jess’ Zucchini Boats Recipe 

My friend Jess and I met in college (go Owls!) at our mutual friend Christine’s Bible study. Since then she’s moved up north to Rhode Island where she is raising 3 boy and 1 girl all with various allergy concerns. She also writes for Providence City Mom’s Blog & has her own blog! Here is her favorite recipe!grilled-vegetables-2172704_1920.jpg

Summer is coming and ya’ll, I am so excited. Not only does that mean that I can put away our bulky New England cold weather sweaters and boots, but it also means I come up with any and every excuse to cook light and eat a ton of seasonal veggies. As wonderful as this sounds, “eating light” is not entirely practical for my family.

I am the mother of 4 kids and wife to an amazing (but hungry) husband. These people can EAT. So my plans for light quinoa salads for dinner, while I think are wonderful, are actually terrible for my growing kiddos. Not terrible in conception, but terrible in the sense that they would each eat an entire box of quinoa before becoming full and I would spend about $543 a week on food.

We have found a happy medium though, between my want for “summery light food” and my family’s need to feel “full” after dinner. I came across this recipe years ago, and it remains the ONLY recipe my husband requests over and over. It remains the recipe that he suggests I cook if we are having a new family over for dinner because, and I quote “…this is the best thing you make, babe.”

So, here it is. I usually substitute the chicken sausage with mild Italian sausage and lighten up the red pepper flakes for my spice sensitive kiddos. It’s so good with the pepper though, that I wouldn’t skip it if I could get away with it. Oh, and if you want everything to taste even more like summer, grill the boats. You’re welcome.

I hope this recipe is your happy medium too, as it is ours. Light, but filling, using seasonal veggies and delicious. Happy eating!


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