The beauty of Sundays

The beauty of Sundays

It is somewhat of a tradition in my family to spend 1 1/2 hrs in church then come home to a big family dinner. Usually I cook up something Cuban on Sundays and my parents bring over dessert. After a big meal full of uplifting conversations, and lots of laughs, nap time settles over the house. The baby is put down for a nap, a sofa is secured for one person, the guest bed for another, the sectional for a third. Someone is always left roaming the house like a wandering Aramean and I say, “why don’t you go take a nap in my room.” To which the person responds, “But don’t ypu want to sleep there?” And I reply, “No child I’ve got ro clean up my kitchen.”

Once everthong is clean, and there are snores heard all over the house, I pick up my kindle, sit in my rocking chair andread a good book. 

When the hours for siesta are through, the whole family gathers in the living room for a movie, or a marathon of some show someone has gotten us into. It is very nearly perfect.

The only blight on the whole day is that a few relations are not near enough to join in the fun. 


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