My sisters are amazing ministers

My sisters are amazing ministers

So Sunday we tried out a new church.

Its a church of 200 people which is quite a change from the 20,000 peopled church my husband and I have been attending for the last 5 yrs. The worship was lively, the people were friendly, and they are having a baby boom (potential mommy friends?)

Any way after service my younger sister, B, met with the Music Pastor and told him that she’s living with me for the summer & she plays many different instruments (she is studying to be a music minister), what musician does he need. He replied and yesterday she went to practice with the worship team. She is playing in church on Sunday.

My other sister, Aggie, just graduated magna cume laude with a degree in Theology – Biblical Studies. She sat for her credentialing exam and is now an official Pastor in the Assemblies of God church. She is working 2 days a week at a church and also at a hotel as a manager. She plans on continuing her education all the way up to the PhD level.

I am so proud of them! Yet I’ve heard and even seen that in some churches in different traditions women are not allowed to be pastors. This saddens me. Many cite the Fall of Man as the reason why and I just don’t agree! The Bible has so many examples of women in leadership! Deborah, Esther, Lydia, just to name a few. Not only this, but by the orgizational limiting of women in those churches that do, they are cutting off many other women from hearing and believing the gospel. I know of women who are turned off from church life because in their family’s church tradition women are limited to membership in the choir, cooking and perhap Sunday school of those under 4 yrs.

My faith tradition allows women to be co-pastors. Many of the churches I’ve been members of have a male pastor and his wife as copastor of the church. They are the example of a partnership. I love this and I believe it furthers the message of the gospel which is God loves all of us and has a good purpose for each of us (See Galatians 3:28). 

Curious? Check this out for a more scholarly discussion of the role of women in my faith tradition.


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