The Cosmetics Lab dumped me.

The Cosmetics Lab dumped me.

So as I mentioned yesterday, I had a beautiful first week at my summer job – at a cosmetics lab. It was really cool to see how modern Orthodox Jews combined kosher laws with fashion trends. The office was across from a beautiful lake and my desk had a perfect view. Also they were always feeding me. I got along with everyone – especially the sales and marketing team, however as a summer temp, when the temp agency told them I was pregnant & would need time for appointments etc they tearfully told me they would need someone more… Well less pregnant…because tradeshow season is cpming up etc etc…

“Not to worry,” the temp agency told me, “We have something better for you.” 

They moved me to the Events department at a Textbook Publishing Company. I tell myself I am thankful for work in the windowless office where my cubicle is hidden behind a filing cabinet (don’t put baby in a corner), the people are grammar police and I thank God its only for the summer. 

The cosmetics lab was more fun. 


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