My Ministry?

My Ministry?

Some people have ministries that pay for their life. Some people have ministries that draw crowds from all corners of the earth.  This is not my ministry.  My ministry is more personal. More quite.

“Ministry” in the religious sense means “holy orders” or “the person or thing through which something is accomplished” or “duties.”  In this way if asked I would tell you my ministry mandate from heaven is to pray for those I meet. Prayer is my ministry.  Whether its the girl in the checkout aisle at Publix, or the girl I sat next to on the bus in 8th grade, that’s what I do. What do I pray for these people I run into? Usually I pray that they have a great day, that they experience a key success in their life, and that they feel closer to God, truly loved by Him. Sometimes in other circumstances I’ll pray for healing of their ankle/toe/back or whatever.  Its my conversation with my God, and its an invisible and (I believe) and effective way of helping them.

I’m sure other people will say, “words are nice and all but can’t you do any physical good for people?” And I would respond to yes, Yes I can, and I do.  I do many food drives, donations, homeless helping, walking for a cause etc., yet without praying for all those involved I feel like my acts of Christian service are shallow. Because at the end of this life, your soul survives, more than your external circumstances.

In different seasons of my life this has looked differently. Once I had a spreadsheet, once it was names on a sticky note on my mirror, once it was saved text messages, things change seasonally, and the number of people I’m praying blessings for change according to how I feel lead by the Spirit. Do you do this?

What would you call your ministry?


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