My Husband: A Summary?

My Husband: A Summary?

You might know, but this blog I use a non-de-plume for our last name “Meta” means “Goal” in Spanish, and it works for us because together we have a lot of goals.

My husband has three different jobs.  He works at a university by day, and personally trains retirees in the evenings and weekends. His third job is being a personal trainer on a fitness app.  As if this wasn’t enough on top of being a husband and father, he is a bodybuilder.  He has competed in 17 local and state competitions.  This summer he is going to compete in another one, so his diet and fitness regimen is very intense and very strict. Not only that, but he is going to be doing this sport naturally. I don’t know if you know much about this sport, but it is very hard to go pro naturally.  Most of the men you see making a living off of body building are using something. Not my husband. He’s legit. I hope he wins in June because it will say a lot for his lifestyle, and the show is a national qualifier, so if her wins the one in June, he needs to win 2 more before he’ll be at pro level.

How exciting is that?

Have I told you how we met? We met 7 years ago while I was in town visiting my parents. I was dating someone else, but my parents and sisters did not like this other guy. They had good reasons too.  Anyway so one day my mom and I walked into the gym and my mom went to be trained by my husband.  She offered to pay for me to train with him too, and I said no.  I didn’t want to cut into his hour with her.

So we became friends, but nothing more for a long time.  Two years later, I was single and I moved to town.  We became friends, and he always tried to ask me out.  I said no at least three times (personal trainers and bodybuilders have bad reputations). Finally three years ago we went out on our first date.  My only stipulation was that he had to take me someplace where he had never taken another girl, and I let him know right from the beginning that I this time around wanted to wait until I was married to have sex. He went out with me anyway.

Six months later we were engaged.

One year after getting engaged we were married. Our pastor lauded our relationship, telling others that the respect we showed for one another and our friendship that had blossomed into love was the way he thought people should do relationships.

One month after getting married, I was pregnant.  Every American laughed at us and called my daughter “Honeymoon Special” until she was born, however my Colombian family said that in that country if you come home from the honeymoon and you’re not pregnant, you need to work on your *relationship* a little. Ha ha.

Throughout the first pregnancy my husband vacillated between being super understanding and amazing. I gained 43 pounds during that pregnancy and I was terrified I would never lose it again.  After the dr gave the ok, my husband helped me work it all off.

Then I got pregnant again. Throughout this pregnancy he’s been pretty wonderful. Although this time around he won’t pay for ice-cream 😦

I’m thankful for him.  And you know what’s funny? I’m a book worm, and I’ve never been drawn to other bookworms. I’ve always had a thing for jocks or musicians. And since I was a little girl I always thought I would end up with an athlete.

What about you? If you’re married, did you think you would end up with the kind of spouse you have? Are you two more alike in habits or are you very different?  If you are single, what kind of spouse do you think would work for you?


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