My Every Day Life: Summer Edition

My Every Day Life: Summer Edition

Life starts very early in the Meta household.  My husband’s alarm clock doesn’t go off until 6:30am, however I’m up usually by 5:45am.  Thank you TriRail. After preparing breakfast for my daughter and my husband, I cook up something for my self. About the time I have everything cooked, my husband and daughter come into the kitchen.  We have a quiet little breakfast together, enjoying the early sunlight of the day, before heading our separate ways.  This summer I’ve got a summer receptionist job at a cosmetics lab, my husband’s day job is at a University, and my daughter spend the day with my parents.

After a busy day, we reunited for dinner together.  This summer my baby sister’s job is to set the table, and usually my mom has dinner on the table when my husband, my father and I come home from work.  Its been pretty awesome to sit across the table from some of my favorite people in the world, and enjoy a warm meal together. I’m used to cooking all of the meals, but you know what? Nothing beats my mother’s cooking! Can you relate?

After the dishes are cleaned up, and the baby is bathed and put to bed, the rest of us enjoy family time in the living-room.  Usually we each take turned picking out the show we’ll watch that night.  My father usually picks a detective show, my mom usually picks out a movie, my husband is all about comic book heroes, my sister loves comedies, and I love historical movies or shows.  As my husband once said, the fun thing about having house guests for the summer is that they introduce you to genres you like, but might never have tried had they not been around.

After movie time two my husband and I usually retire to our room for some  light reading etc.  While our three house guests watch just one more show, or look at properties online together.  Its an exciting, busy, simple time in our everyday life these days.


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