Summer Time Squad

Summer Time Squad

I have been a stay-at-home-mother for the past year, yet this summer I have chosen to stay ahead of the medical bills and get a summer job.  Though it is your basic entry-level desk job answering phones all day and being treated like you’re brain dead by one or two of the employees, I know that ultimately, this is the best financial decision for my family.  And what’s more is that my parents are visiting us for the summer, and are able to care for my daughter.  Bonding time!

It’s difficult for me to return to work, even if it is just for the summer but in the Meta household, we try to be ahead of the curve-ball.

So far, my mom has had a train-ride day with my daughter and a cooking day.  I think next up on their adventure list to visit a local park or playground.  While I am sad that I am missing out on her toddler summer, I know that ultimately, my husband and I are doing what is best for our family.

I think its what makes my family unique. Other people talk about squad goals, or teams, and to be completely honest, my team has always been my immediate family and my cousin Gladys (shout out!). My parents, sisters, cousin and now her family are my support system.  When my car battery died in the middle of a random gas station my cousin was there to jump my car.  When my brakes needed to be replace, my father and my husband replaced them. I’ve had the opportunity to be there for them also, and its nice that out of a billion people in the world, my team is my family.

Tell me, who is your Team or your Squad? Are they interchangeable?

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