Strange and Obscure Fashion thoughts

Strange and Obscure Fashion thoughts

Here are my top 10 most random thoughts relating to fashion:

  1. I feel skinnier when I straighten my hair.
  2. I had great skin during my 1st pregnancy.
  3. Why are pregnancy clothes so pretty on the rack but not on me? 
  4. Were swishy sweatpants always uncool or did they have their moment? 
  5. Why did I spend $200 on makeup I wear thrice a year?  
  6. If my husband goes pro this year do I have what it takes to be fashionable like Posh Spice?
  7. Do all of those speakers like Priscilla Shrier and Lisa Bevere do all of theor own shopping? They are so fashionable.
  8. I think I like the Aventura mall better than the King of Prussia mall. 
  9. When did Old Navy become a Mom store?
  10. Can I get away with blue eyeliner or does that make me look like a hooker? 

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