Munster Cheese: The Power of Memory

Munster Cheese: The Power of Memory

Yesterday my mother went to the store and came home with some munster cheese and crackers for my daughter. As the three of us sat down to snack, I took a bite and was reminded of my Colombian grandfather. He loves this cheese. 

When I was a little girl my grandfather worked at a ceramics factory from 7am until 3pm every day for 40 yrs. He would pick up the groceries from a little super market on his way home from work. Often times he would have freshly baked bread, and a huge brick of munster cheese. He would slice the cheese, then place it on a piece of fresh bread. He’d hand it to me, my sisters, and my two uncles who were still in highschool when I was growing up. Isn’t it amazing how just the process of eating cheese can bring back this memory? The experts say smell is closely associated with memory, so its interesting that so many memories can be tied to food.

Munster cheese is a mild cheese, oftentimes cut paper thin and either served on bread or crackers. It has a sweet aftertaste, unless melted. In my opinion munster cheese is the worst cheese for grilled cheese, however if it is fresh, its perfect to be eaten as is.

Do you have a favorite cheese?


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