Cuban coffee: bonding with Papi

Cuban coffee: bonding with Papi

When I was 6 my father taught me two skills. The first was how to properly iron Oxford shirts, (mine for private school, his for his office job), and the second was how to make Cuban coffee. 

Cuban coffee is made with Café Bustelo in our house. I’ve heard other families use Pilon but that is not our style. 

What you’ll need

  • A cafetera (the coffee maker pictured above).
  • Café Bustelo
  • Water 
  • Metal coffee turin
  • Domino Sugar.
  • Milk (optional). 

What you do:

  1. Fill the lower chamber  of your cafetera with water, just up to the pressure valve.
  2. Fill the middle chamber with 4 tablespoons of café bustelo.
  3. Close the cafetera and place on stovetop.
  4. Turn burner on to medium-high. 
  5. While the coffee is brewing tale 3/4 cup of domino sugar and take out a little whisk. When the first ounce of coffee bubbles up into the 3rd chamber, pour the coffee into the turin and whisk away. Place the cafetera back on the stovetop to complete brewing. This creates a bubbly mixture known as espuma. 
  6. Once coffee has completed brewing pour into turin, mix and pour into a little cup. 
  7. Add hot milk if cordadito is wanted instead of Cuban espresso.
  8. Serve hot. 


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