US Healthcare in FL Makes Me Cry

US Healthcare in FL Makes Me Cry

3 years ago our healthcare was better. Even my pediatrician says so. If you don’t agree with me, I really don’t need to hear it today. I am in the middle of trying to get my 1st born immunized without going broke, & find a new OB because the wonderful triathalon running OB from last time switched hospitals. Truth be told I liked the hospital & their nurses better than the OB and you know what, to me thats important because you spend more time with the nurses than with the doctor. So here I am calling all over town. 

You know I remember 5 years ago I worked at an urban community health center in their reproductive health building. I did medical billing & then I was the personal assistant of the department director. We cared for our clients. They were lower income clients but they got the best we had. Honestly, I wished I still lived there because I would take my daughter there. Because Pennsylvania is better than Florida healthcare-wise in my experience. 

All this to say, we’ve been lied to about afordable healthcare. My husband makes too much for us to get basic healthcare and we make too little to get exceptional healthcare. So we are stuck with shitty middle-of-the-road healthcare that means there are a lot of out-of-pocket expenses. I don’t even care that this seems political. Its not about political parties for me. Its about taking care of my child. Its about trying to keep household expenses down so that every three months we can shell out hundreds of dollars for basic universal precautions.

Praise God we are not in debt, praise God for my husband’s 2 jobs and my freelance work. Because if not for God I’d be more discouraged than I am today.

I took this picture two days ago when i drove from my teeny house to Islamorada and the tide was coming in. I felt small and insignificant, but safe. Now? I still feel small and insignificant and I’m trying to focus on making my daughter feel safe. 


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