Growing together

Growing together

My husband and I have different strengths. At 5’10 195lbs my husband is all muscle. He lives for fitness and has competed in 27 different bodybuilding shows. In fact he is training for one that is 12 weeks from now (no arepas for him!) 

He could care less about reading, but because I like it, he’s now averaging one book a month. I am very proud of him!

I am not a fitness expert. I am a new mother, I majored in American Literature, published a book in 2011 and generally would rather be cooking or reading. 

I am 5’3 129lbs, I only run when someone is chasing me, and I only do weights because my husband is a great trainer and he makes it fun. He is very proud of me when I make it through a workout without complaining. 

I love that God brought us together. We are so different, sometimes its crazy. We rub off on each other. He reads more because of me and I workout and care more about my health because I’m with him. I wonder what it will be like in 10 years? How will we have grown together?

How have you and your significant other influenced and grown together? 

How do you want to grow in the future?


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