Fasting from Social Media like Taylor Swift

Fasting from Social Media like Taylor Swift

As you know my husband is a bodybuilder, and I love food.  Whenever possible I try to make healthy versions of the foods that I love.  Its not always possible though, and to be honest, if they are family recipes, I don’t want to mess with perfection.

Like many Christian churches around this time of year.  My church is doing a 21 day fast.  We are supposed to give up a meal or something we love (social media, chocolate, coffee etc) and instead of partaking in that thing, we are supposed to pray for someone we know who does not yet know Christ.  My husband is trying to fast from foul language. I am attempting to fast from social media, only because I am the knuckle head who gets into political arguments with family members on Facebook. I need the break.

Apparently I am not the only one who needed a social media fast.  People all over the internet are freaking out that Taylor Swift is has not posted a candid picture since Thanksgiving or something.  While her followers are freaking out, I say, “You go Girl!”

I think sometimes we need to take a step back from public life, and be quiet.  We need space to hear the only Voice that matters, and we need to turn off the noise of the world around us.  I’ve only been off social media for 8 days, and already I feel more like my self. And let’s be honest, I’ve gotten back a lot of my time.

Do you fast from something this time of year?


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