Abba is his name

Abba is his name

Out of the blue last week, on Purim, my daughter started calling her dad “Abba.” I’m not sure where this came from. Maybe the storytime we go to? I’m not Jewish. I am Cuban-Colombian and though my husband is an Italian-Russian Jew He hasn’t practiced Judiasm since he was 15 when his father became Catholic, and his mother went atheist… Anyway, back to my daughter. All last week she called my husband Abba. It was so adorable! 
This week she has been pointing at the pictures of her father around the house and saying “Abba.” 

I was concerned that since I am not Jewish, she would be made fun of for callimg her father by a Hebrew name, since Judaism is passed through the maternal line, but my friend’s mom who is Jewish says its still a part of her identity, and other kids call their fathers Abba so its cool of L does too. 


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