Of birthday’s and books

Of birthday’s and books

What is your favorite children’s book? How do you feel about our children constantly being marketed to? Do you care about the environment at children’s birthday parties?

These are all question’s I’ve asked myself as I plan for L’s first birthday party.  We’ve invited 55 people, of course, to be polite, however I am only expecting 16 to show up. And with these guests comes the fear of

  1. A lot of trash (plates, gift wrapping, in the case of one of Jason’s aunts cigarette butts on our front sidewalk).
  2. Unwanted gifts we can’t fit in our home
  3. People giving unsolicited advice about child raising.

But the wonderful thing is that I’m planning my daughter’s 1st birthday, some people don’t have this opportunity! So those things that bother me fade in comparison with the blessing of planning.

Themes I thought about:

  1. OZ
  2. Charlotte’s Web
  3. Eloise
  4. Little House
  5. Anne of Green Gables
  6. Little Women

I’m sure I will use some of these in the future if my daughter enjoys these series and wants too. I want to stay away from using the television as a theme for her birthday because I majored in English Literature (focus on American Fiction) and I want to use my knowledge to create a wonder world for her and her little friends.

This year we are doing Peter Rabbit. Why? L has a spring birthday. For the adults we are serving Cuban style rice and chicken, a salad containing lettuce, radishes, cucumber and parsley (since they were mentioned in the book), blackberry or chamomile tea, and carrots. For the children we are doing finger foods: rabbit shaped cucumber sandwiches, carrots cheese and crackers.

What I am most looking forward to is making the carrot cake. Although it won’t necessarily be as healthy as we’d like, we prefer a cake containing something healthy to an ice-cream cake.  I am really looking forward to this fete and I hope to post pictures next month.



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