Saying goodbye to skittles

Saying goodbye to skittles

This first time my husband (a bodybuilder) and I hung out he brought me sour skittles. He himself didn’t eat them, but he knew they were my only vice and I was impressed that he remembered. (I still didn’t date him for another 11 months but that’s a story for a different day). 

When you commit to eating right it’s not a “diet”, it’s a lifestyle change. And to be perfectly honest, it took me two years to get completely on board. I was always already within my target weight range so I didn’t see a reason to drop skittles from my diet. 

Four years and one baby later, my husband is running his mobile personal training business, I’m running the social media for that along with assisting in the nutritional aspect of his business. So bye bye skittles and other man-made delicious toxins. 

In the beginning, we cut out everything that wasn’t healthy. My husband taught me how to really read nutrition labels and how the chemistry of food works. What I learned was it isn’t just what you eat, but what you pair it with. For example black beans and brown rice is a completed protein. 

Anyway, after a month of very clean eating (red meat only once a week, no alcohol, or sugars, for more details see the #FitcomApp), I went to target. I wandered around the store as new mothers do when they have a moment alone, and I saw it. Right there in the checkout lane was that old familiar bag. 

I bought original skittles and ate them on my way home. They were terrible. I ate one and then I grimaced. The whole three miles to my house I muttered to my self, “Why did I like these? They taste like paste. I need water.” I dropped them in the trash outside my house (since it happened to be trash day) and I went inside and downed 32oz. of water. 

While it may take time to detox from junk food, once you do, you’ll find that you’re able to function better and the old foods won’t have a hold on you anymore. You may even find (like I did) that your old comforts are disgusting. 


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