Family Life late at night

Family Life late at night

Late at night you hear that cough. 

You open your eyes and realize your husband is still sleeping, and the baby is still sleeping, but she’s coughing. You ease out of bed and tip-toe to your daughter’s room. She sits up when she hears (smells?) you. You take her in your arms and sit in the rocking chair your parents bought you for your 30th birthday. You use the nasal bulb to pull her white/yellow boogers and take her temperature. No fever thank God. You count out her heart hearts, not to many, not to few. She’s just dry coughing. You’re convinced it’s allergies. 

Your husband wakes up, complaining of the cold, but he’s a Florida guy so any thing below 76 is cold to him. The house is at 74. He asks how she is, is it a fever? Is she sick? No you think it’s allergies, you dusted the house earlier, she’s got no mucus, no phlegm, just a dry cough. 

You both take her Into the bathroom, run the hot water and sit on the floor. She coughs, but is more interested in playing. There is no hot water. Someone turned the hot water off because he heard it would lower the water bill. Annoyed, you shut the water off. Let’s leave the hot water on from now on, okay? Back I to the baby’s room and she thinks it’s play time. Your husband’s not having it. Is she sick or what? I think it’s allergies. She wants to play and has a cough. He goes back to bed. 

Soon so do you.

In the morning you, your husband & your baby eat oatmeal together. He washes the dishes and then he heads off to work, kissing you before he walks out the door. You call the pediatrician & make any appointment. Then you and the baby go out for a stroll by the sea. The salty air is good for both of you.

Your husband calls frequently during the day to see how the baby is, how you are and to complain about work.

You go to the pediatrician. She says it’s allergies & suggests a humidifier. You know the cats days are numbered. 


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