Babies’ Naps Matter!

Babies’ Naps Matter!

No matter what side of the aisle you’re on, if you’re a mother, there is one thing you know to be true:

Babies’ Naps Matter.

It’s serious! If they’re under 1 yr, they desparately need those 2 daily naps! If they’re under 5 they need that afternoon nap. And Mama, I know YOU need that quiet time in your house too! 

Personally I hate seeing the videos where mothers are hiding out in their pantrys, closets or bathrooms, while their kids run wild all through the house. *no judgement* but it was my house first, you have a room in it…What work’s for me is being super intentional about making sure my peanut has both naps in. 

While she naps I can get things done. Or not, you know? I talk to my people (do we say tribe? Squad? What’s the right terminology nowadays?) Or do the laundry, or catch up on my shows, shower, or do some reading. It’s a nice reset for both of us. And my house looks clean, I get clean, and I’m the jolly person we all know and love. 

Now to be perfectly honest, there are days where she sings or blows bubbles or plays with her giraffe instead of naps, especially the shorter nap. But you know what? It is my opinion she needs that time too. It’s where her personhood and imagination are given opportunity to grow. Also my pediatrician says it’s cool, so I’m down. 
 It’s a joy to sit in my livingroom sipping tea & eating scones, and listen to her making music for 45 minutes. At the end of nap time, after a quick diaper change we are reunited and off on mama-hija adventures once more. 


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