Learning from mistakes

Learning from mistakes

Here’s the short version: While I was pregnant we built a garage and an enclosed sun porch. We did not have permits for the garage. Unbeknownst to us, the city code inspector lived three doors down. So right before we installed the garage doors we got an orange sticker on our door. 

Moral: Always know your neighbors and always get the right permits. 

What upsets me most is that he waited until we had spent 90+ hours and $1000 on our housing projects before he warned us that if we did not call him within 24 hrs, we would be fined. When we spoke to him he said it looked great and he didn’t want to fine us, but he had an obligation to tell us we had to pay the city a ridiculous amount of money or tear it down. It was cheaper for us to tear it down. 

It was a sore spot for months. I missed out on having friends stay with us because our house was a construction zone. He says he missed out on precious time with me before the baby arrived, and a little after. 

What I can enjoy about this whole process is that my husband never had a shop class in high school, but he took the initiative of asking his grandfather & my Dad and watching YouTube tutorials on the process. He learned a lot. Especially about how important a good foundation is. 

And this was only the beginning of our Mr. & Mrs. Homeowner adventures. Do you have similar homeowner adventures?


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