Wise Investing = simple traveling 

Wise Investing = simple traveling 

Well I’m a stay at home mom I do occasional freelance work writing summaries of articles etc. etc. I’m really blessed neither myself nor my husband have any debt except for our mortgage because that fact allows me to be home with my daughter. Because we really want to instill the importance of quality time as a family.

It was always really important to me that I save anything and everything that I make not only to travel like I did in my younger years (10 countries), but to be able to give to charities that I love. Now that we’re both in a position where we have one daughter we are really diligent about researching where in the US we should visit. 
I read an article on that ability that says that the average American has travel to just 12 states. The most popular travel destinations in our country are New York California and Florida so if we assume that of every American who travel to just 12 states as travel to these three, then must assume most Americans have failed to see most of the country! This Leads to how my husband and I are spending our free time.
We decided that we want to visit every state in the union before we go abroad. There are certain states that I’ve seen it Jason hasn’t seen (California), and there are certain states that Jason has seen that I have not (Tennessee). Most of the people that we know have been to three or four states, and many cruises to the Caribbean countries. Together we have seen New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. Let it be known that we really do love Texas, and besides Florida that is the only state we would want to live in.
Where have you been? Is seeing all of the United States a priority for you? Do you think it would impact how you vote, how do you think about the nation as a whole, or even how you encounter the spiritual world?


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