So I thought I would write about my top three weirdest places that I’ve ever breast-fed. I really applaud those women that can just whip it out and let their boob hang out without a cover, but I’m totally not there yet.

  1. On our united airlines flight next to a Jewish rabbi. Last May when my daughter was two months old she was nursing every two hours. It’s a two hour flight from South Florida to New York and I was on an unexpected flight because my aunt had just passed. I fed the baby right before going to the airport however halfway through she became really fussy and needed to nurse. Luckily the man next to me was asleep because I was too much of a new mother to just breast-feed out in the open. I pulled out a long blanket and covered both the baby and myself with the baby nurse away. 
  2. The sidelines of the Fourth of July parade. So all of our friends are still single, or newlyweds without children yet. Unfortunately for everyone it was very hot past Fourth of July. We were the only ones with the baby, and she did not know how to drink out of a sippycup yet and was still was being exclusively breast-fed. Jason was sitting next to me talking to one of his good friends who happens to be an assistant to the pastor of our church. The baby was getting fussy, and let’s just say I really needed to nurse. I took out a red scarf that I had, covered my boob, and managed to feed her while the local dance team danced on by us. Weirdest moment was when our friend that I made eye contact. I’m sure you guys are curious as to how the whole breast-feeding thing works but I don’t want to wonder what goes through their minds.
  3. River St., Savannah. It was family vacation in January, and my daughter was nine months old. We had spent the whole morning on a trolley ride and then I realized it was time to nurse her, but I didn’t bring a blanket. As the weather was about 60° I was wearing a baggy sweater. Jason looked at me and wanted to know what I would do. He said the babies got to eat so she’s got to eat. I frantically looked around and decided that probably the place with the lease spectators would be the riverfront. So we walked over to the steps and sat down. I pulled up my shirt and started to nurse the baby. Unbeknownst to me a fieldtrip of some kind had walked up behind us to the left. So there I was breast-feeding with high schoolers for an audience. I’m sure they didn’t really see much, but it was evident that I was breast-feeding.

Do you breastfeed? Where are the strangest places you’ve nursed?


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