So I thought I would write about my top three weirdest places that I’ve ever breast-fed. I really applaud those women that can just whip it out and let their boob hang out without a cover, but I’m totally not there yet.

  1. On our united airlines flight next to a Jewish rabbi. Last May when my daughter was two months old she was nursing every two hours. It’s a two hour flight from South Florida to New York and I was on an unexpected flight because my aunt had just passed. I fed the baby right before going to the airport however halfway through she became really fussy and needed to nurse. Luckily the man next to me was asleep because I was too much of a new mother to just breast-feed out in the open. I pulled out a long blanket and covered both the baby and myself with the baby nurse away. 
  2. The sidelines of the Fourth of July parade. So all of our friends are still single, or newlyweds without children yet. Unfortunately for everyone it was very hot past Fourth of July. We were the only ones with the baby, and she did not know how to drink out of a sippycup yet and was still was being exclusively breast-fed. Jason was sitting next to me talking to one of his good friends who happens to be an assistant to the pastor of our church. The baby was getting fussy, and let’s just say I really needed to nurse. I took out a red scarf that I had, covered my boob, and managed to feed her while the local dance team danced on by us. Weirdest moment was when our friend that I made eye contact. I’m sure you guys are curious as to how the whole breast-feeding thing works but I don’t want to wonder what goes through their minds.
  3. River St., Savannah. It was family vacation in January, and my daughter was nine months old. We had spent the whole morning on a trolley ride and then I realized it was time to nurse her, but I didn’t bring a blanket. As the weather was about 60° I was wearing a baggy sweater. Jason looked at me and wanted to know what I would do. He said the babies got to eat so she’s got to eat. I frantically looked around and decided that probably the place with the lease spectators would be the riverfront. So we walked over to the steps and sat down. I pulled up my shirt and started to nurse the baby. Unbeknownst to me a fieldtrip of some kind had walked up behind us to the left. So there I was breast-feeding with high schoolers for an audience. I’m sure they didn’t really see much, but it was evident that I was breast-feeding.

Do you breastfeed? Where are the strangest places you’ve nursed?

Ropa Vieja on a slow cooker

Ropa Vieja on a slow cooker

Ropa Vieja
 Although I’m a weekday vegetarian, I remember my Cuban paternal grandmother always used to make Ropa Vieja and no one had the recipe. One day  in 2008, I sent her an email asking her to send me the recipe. She sent me a cookbook instead. At the time I was so offended I didn’t even open the cookbook. I wanted a family recipe, not some generic cookbook – in Spanish no less. During hurricane Matthew in 2016, I pulled out this cookbook. What I found really surprised me. Instead of simply sending a generic cookbook, my grandmother had sent me a cookbook but she had highlighted and written notes in the margins of different recipes! In effect she had sent me a cookbook but she had made but had put her own personal touches on it. From this experience I learned two things:

A.) Do not rush to be angry.

B.) Don’t shun a gift just because you don’t like how it was delivered.

I’m sure for those of us used to seeing thing in a spiritual light, there’s something to be learned there too. Anyway, I thought I would share the recipe below! And lucky for you, I put it in English! 

  • Slow cook six hours on high
  • One can of diced tomatoes
  • 1 tablespoon ground cumin
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 a teaspoon cinnamon
  • Three garlic cloves, sliced
  • 2 large green peppers, sliced
  • 1 medium onion cut in half and sliced
  • 1 three pound beef brisket
  • Brown rice to accompany 

Ok so what you do:

  1. In your slow cooker pot, combine tomatoes, cumin, cinnamon and salt. Add garlic peppers onion and brisket. Stir to coat brisket. Cover slow cooker with the lid and cook on high for six hours.
  2. Transfer brisket and veggies to a large bowl. Add to forks, shredded brisket along the green into find strips. Stir cooking liquid into brisket mixture.
  3. Serve over rice.

Makes 8 servings. 

Things I love 

Things I love 

The Mommy life is a good life! Here are the things I’m loving about it at the moment:

  1. When L is playing & she turns around and out of nowhere gives me a hug and a (somewhat gross) sloppy kiss.
  2. When L and I are reading together and Jason walks into the nursery and L jumps out of my arms and reaches for him.
  3. When L sings wordless songs to herself as she’s falling asleep. 
  4. Our café adventures. 
  5. Our family road trips. 
Dream 9/11/2016 

Dream 9/11/2016 

Dream last night:So funny last night!
I dreamt we bought a house in JAX and on our way back to south Florida we were so tired we drove off into the ocean and the many children of a fisherman saved us and I was trying to tell the oldest daughter about Christ but she wanted to be on ice road truckers, not hear about Jesus. 

Also, Jason dreamt we went to dinner with his old neighbors and they were tense the whole time and on our way home we drove into the ocean and then put the car in reverse and backed into the garage of the different house we were living in. 

Then I woke up with Endless Praise (planet shakers) in my head.

Dream 10/7/2015

Dream 10/7/2015

The world was dark and smokey. The sky was illuminated so everything looked Red and black. Smokey spirits were heading for me. I realized I was wearing silver armor and I looked in my left hand and there was my sword. I didn’t see my shield at first but it was hooked on my back. I looked at them and said, “no. Jesus” what echoed, in my head was “after all to stand” fromEphesians 6. I saw that I was part of the body, that my silver soldier body connected to the others like (power rangers or transformers) but this battle we were each standing in such a way so that we felt* alone, but that was not so. The spirits tried to cling on to me, or knock me down with their wind, which blew so hard, I felt parts of my self blow away. With every blow I said not Jesus Christ is in charge here. This place belongs to Jesus, and they grew weaker. Then I thought the battle was over, but the spirits morphed into a giant, smokey and burning; I looked up and I stomped my feet; kind of hunkering down, anchoring my self in my stance. Then lightning fell on me from heaven and the light filled my body and my armor and expelled all of the darkness around me, so that the giant, and the darkness was no more. As I returned to my room, smaller spirits, taking the form of manta rays tried to cling to my ceiling but I rebuked them saying, no Jesus Christ belongs here, leave.” They blew away like leaves in the wind. 

The whole experience was like 9 minutes.