Giving & Taking (sowing and reaping)

Giving & Taking (sowing and reaping)

When I first moved to Florida I would spend my post church Sunday afternoons at Deerfield Beach playing volleyball with former New Yorkers, Connecticutians, Pennyslvanians and other northern transplants. One Sunday we made friends with a former Brooklynite guy who was studying to become a rabbi. He normally spent one month out of the year leading the birth rite trips. We became friends and watched soccer together with my roommates on a few occasions. On one of the last times I saw him before he went to Israel (and met the love of his life) we sat on the beach and looked out on the water, and discussed The Lord.

We discussed the concept of sowing & reaping. He thought it came from Hillel and I thought the concept originated with Jesus. Regardless, it’s is significant, and it is something to think about as we end 2016.

Across Facebook people are saying how they hated 2016 and how they are glad it’s over. I am satisfied with this year because this year gave me my daughter. 

Instead of hating the year consider this, it was perhaps a reaping year. You reap what you sow. If you sowed into the spirit you reap from the spirit. If you sowed into the flesh you reaped the flesh. Maybe that sounds ugly, but after all it’s just my opinion. 


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